The sound of bare feet hitting the wet road in unison filled the air.

He had to run. He had to get away.

He kept turning back, looking over his shoulder and up at the night sky. A desperate look of terror filled his entire face, sweat pouring from his brow and stinging his eyes.

He couldn’t see it, but he could hear it.

It’s wings making loud thrashing sounds that cut through the silent and eerily cold night. It seemed no matter how fast he ran, this monstrous creature was always right behind him.

Headlights appeared in the distance and his emotions briefly changed from terror to sanguine. He thought this was his chance at survival and momentarily was able to pick up speed and run even faster. He started waving his arms wildly about to try and get the car to slow down. He stood right in the vehicles path as it abruptly came to a stop, the bumper just inches from his body.

He could see through the windshield a man looking mildly bewildered but then his expression rapidly changed to total horror. He watched as the man quickly put his car in reverse and sped backwards, doing a u-turn and driving off into the distance.

He froze as the loud thud of something landing behind him made the ground seem to shudder in fright. He slowly turned around and before him was a giant winged creature. It lifted its tail like a scorpion ready to sting its prey and moved closer towards him.

He started to walk backward, tripping over his own feet and hitting the cold hard road beneath him. He frantically used his arms as he continued to manoeuvre himself backwards, shaking his head from left to right, his mouth in a silent scream.

The winged beast brought its tail down, piercing through his thigh. His scream no longer silent, echoed down the empty street. He started to feel weak and as his arms gave way the rest of his body connected with the ground beneath him.

He looked up at the monster, unable to discern what it was. It had a horned demon like head, it’s hair a flowing mane and the body of a lion. It’s wings spread open like that of a bat.

The creature peered down at him and before he knew what was happening, it opened its mouth showing rows upon rows of sharp teeth and it leaned its head down picking him up, throwing him in the air like a cat playing with its food and consumed him whole.

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Cliff Sombito
So there was no way to save him in the end
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