Tuesday Morning

Five AM. Starbucks is open. He watches as she orders hot water, and at the Cream + Sugar station pours instant espresso into her venti cup. A few packets of that green colored sweetener, and half and half next. She plugs her phone in in the corner.

Not interested in whats on it; she goes outside to smoke. He hears the Starbucks workers confer, and then one goes outside to shout. Apparently too much PBS Shopkeeper's he thinks too. No turnover rate at Starbuck's in five years is a danger signal to anyone. From their open until two am to now closing at eleven pm.

Everyone noticed this hate crime. She collects her phone, and heads to McDonald's. He knows she hates it; their prostitutes via the drive thru did not go unnoticed either. But she's left alone drinking a coffee for a dollar; with free refills. Three equal sweeteners, five creamers.

She spends most of the morning with her backpack on a chair, phone charging, and outside smoking.

He watches for about two hours then heads to the restaurant where he knows they'll let him in to answer more of her cards before she arrives tonight for dinner.

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