Sunday Evening

She was cold and starving, and had an extra twenty; so she stopped by the restaurant. The staff was used to her trying to pay Henry back. They weren't sure what for, but another secret envelope tucked away in the bar was her leaving cash. They were, for once, unsure how to approach such a delicate situation between their two odd diners; so thought best left unmentioned.

She said Hello to the bartender as she clambered onto a chair. Perhaps their loudest diner; but still a fixture. Bit chilly she then commented to no one. Looking around; she fixed her gaze on something, then without a word got up and headed to the restroom.

Five minutes later, back in her chair, she ordered a hot tea with whiskey. The bartender asked if she wanted an orange pekoke or Earl grey. She chose the ear grey. Adding cream and sweetener when it came; she sipped it slowly and truthfully a bit loudly.

He head waiter took this opportunity to bring over Henry's notes. She opened and read them quickly; shoving the hundred dollar bill in her back pocket.

Henry walked in at this point; she did not see him, nor turn around as the door opened. He choose a table where he could watch her, but not be seen.

He knew she wouldn't order food; not tonight. It wasn't Tuesday; so he sent her over a farmhouse pie he knew she would like.

He watched her mumble something to the waiter as the dish was placed in front of her, but then when she picked up her fork with her right hand; not her left he noticed her shoulder was bandaged under her sweater and her left arm just sitting limply in her lap.

He watched her eat a few moments, before sending a text simply reading “What happened.”

He watched as she set down her fork, and arranged the notes in front of her. Picking up her fork again; she studied them as she ate.

She dug in her purse, and got out a pen. He watched her struggle trying to write with her right hand.

She finished dinner; collected the notes and put them all into one envelope. Ordering another drink. She just sat there staring blankly at the bottles behind the bar. When she finished her drink; she paid with a credit card, and slipping her right arm into her jacket, she just laid the other half of the jacket over her left shoulder. She winced doing so, but then collected her purse and left without noticing him.

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