Card 3

Henry pushes back his plate finished with dinner; he again gets pen and paper and opens the box of tiny notes.

This one says: We know when our love is real and when it is fake. It's just we pretend it is real everytime.

He drinks a beer, and thinks before writing.

You may have a point baby girl, but I am a learned man. You will always play the fool in love to get your way, and to manipulate someone. This I know and let you do. It is a lifestyle for you, and while I care that you hurt yourself in your game of love; it upsets me, but not enough to stop it or you from the way you just are. Your introspective comment is more false than the love you pretend.

He signs H under what he has written, and then addresses the envelope like the others.

Ordering another beer; he takes out his phone and sends a text message. Simply writing, “See where she is”.

He drinks his beer quietly waiting until his phone vibrates five minutes later. “Ferry. Seattle to Bainbridge. Washington State.”

He inadvertently nods, and then puts his phone away.

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