Passing through Earth

The great minds in our world build a quantum tunneling device with which we can pass through physical obstacles like wall or other objects. Even the scientists were amazed after came to know that with that device we can pass through not only some walls but also the whole Earth. Invention of this device also could be dangerous if it gets in the hands bad minded people because of security issues. Scientists thought it will be useful for the research purposes. Two people were selected for the very first research project, they are Visus and Vipra. Their aim is to check whether they are able to pass through the Earth and how long it takes to pass through it. As they started the machine within some seconds they almost pass through to the center of Earth.

They stopped the machine!

Visus and Vipra couldn't believe their eyes, our theories of the inner stucture of Earth was totally wrong! There were no hot molten metal in the core, instead of that there was a huge metal sphere which was supported by pillars from inside and some machines are the only thing in the core. Vipra and Visus were astounded because of what they are seeing. The gravity was too weak so that they are almost able to float. Visus and Vipra searched for some clues so that they will know what is going on and why there are machines instead of lava. A man intervened Visus and Vipra, and he told them all the things why the center of Earth is like that.

First of all Earth isn't a naturally formed planet in the solar system.

It was artificially made by other humans who were living in the Orion constellation. Building Earth was an experiment of them to check whether we are able to survive and how long we can survive in these conditions. People in the Orion constellation were well developed in science and technology so that they easily build Earth. They also build a device which warps scape-time around it, with help of that device they can travel anywhere in the universe. All the greatest people born in Earth belongs to the Orion constellation people, they came to Earth to help us, like Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein etc. Now, Visus and Vipra knows all the secret about Earth and that man forced them to not tell the secret to anyone in our world. Visus and Vipra continued their experiement and reached the other side of the Earth. The kept all the things happened in the center of Earth as secret. The next mission of Visus and Vipra is the journey to Alpha centauri constellation and Orion constellation.

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