Late night blossoms

*Amy Beth*

Chapter 15

Listing to David’s explanation of things, I’m not sure what to think. Sure, saying ghost are real doesn’t seem big, 'but them actually being real'. It takes a moment for my brain to accept it, and even then, my belief is wavering.

“So, you like, actually saw her?” My words looking for his confirmation.

Hesitant at first, he thinks to himself before furthering his words. “I did, and there is no way she is living. Not the way she moved around.”

Still processing, he continues. “Vi, I could feel her. Her emotions, they were strong. Pain, it radiated off of her.” Looking to me, his eyes search mine for our next move.

Always being a natural leader, our parents and I are the only ones David will take orders from. Taking a second longer to answer, I know of only one solution. “We can’t leave them like this, not if they are seeking help.” Looking down to the table for a moment, I meet his gaze again. “We have to help them”


Driving, we decide it would be best to get away from home for a little bit. That way we can search for the answers we seek with nothing looking over our shoulders. Always feeling a set of eyes on me in that house, I’m sure he feels the same.

“Where should we go?” I ask, wondering if he has any clue where to start.

My eyes on him for a second before back to the road, he speaks. “A church?” Laughing for a moment, he answers again. “It would probably be good to look up the history of the cabin, figure out who is actually haunting us.”

Knowing he’s right, there is one place I know to go to start this hunt. A little shop across town, one that most stay away from, there is a young woman who specializes in these kinds of things. Living in a small town, not many here like to acknowledge anything strange. Calling it all witchcraft and works of evil, there isn’t anyone else I know of to help.

Always feeling like an old soul myself, I sense a connection to the things of the store that some don’t. My favorite place to go, the owner knows me by heart.

“Hey, Savia!” My voice booming to the back of the store, where a curvy short blonde struggles to put a book back on the top shelf.

Rushing over to her, I grab the book from behind her. Using my extra inches to reach what she can’t. Eyes drifting down, I see her’s looking up to me. Golden, 'I’ve seen that color on only one other.'

Memories starting to flood back of a little girl, one I couldn’t save. The rush gives me a migraine. Intense, I black out before any further recollection.


Waking up somewhere strange. 'Where am I?' I try not to panic. My vision adjusting, I take in everything that surrounds me. 'Books, a desk with papers, shelves full of herbs and…' Hearing the clinking of something to my right, my eyes dart to a figure crossing through a way draped with stringed beads. 'Savia!' In that moment things begins to clear.

Remembering coming here, and all those memories that unlocked themselves. 'Pain!' feeling it, only some of it is mine. If not before, now I know I can’t leave those girls stuck in that house.

Speaking in a soft tone, “Are you feeling any better?” she turns on a light. Her words and the light sending daggers through my frontal lobe.

Closing my eyes, I only feel a little relief. Hearing the click of a lamp as she dims it. “That might be better.” Her words coming out in almost a whisper this time, the gesture is sweet.

Opening my eyes back, the soft light feels better on them. Sitting up, my head rushes with pressure. Wincing for a moment, she can since my discomfort.

“Will you let me do a little check up on you? To figure out what caused this?” Sitting next to me on my right, she looks me over with concern. Knowing her check up isn’t the same as most, 'maybe she can help figure out what’s wrong with me.'

Hearing someone else enter, I see it’s David 'and Karoline?' Not sure when she came into the picture, I wonder if she saw my collapse.

Savia looking over to the two, she escorts them with words out. “Sorry guys, but I can’t have anyone else around for what I’m about to d0. Too many energies in the same space will through the reading off.”

Knowing my brother doesn’t want to leave me, not with everything going on. I try to ease his worry over me. ‘I’ll be fine,” my words calm, as to not show him my true feelings.

Getting me alone again, she continues. “I need your palm.” Her tone firm, she makes it clear to follow all her instructions.

Noticing my right hand shaking as I move, 'what is she going to tell me?' I fear my nightmarish memories of that place to be true. Knowing my natural instincts, even if the reading is bad, I can’t leave that house. Not until I help those girls move on.

Lifting my palm up for her to see, I expect her to read the lines or something. But, she doesn’t.

Gently touching her left hand on the bottom of mine, she hovers her other over top. Closing her eyes, I am mesmerized by the shifting of emotion upon her face. 'What is she sensing?'

A tear falling down her face, I watch it drip of her and seep into the fabric on her shirt. My heart breaks, don’t cry for me.

Opening her eyes, she meets my gaze. “Violet, there’s something dark attached to you. A banshee of some kind. You can’t back into that house, please promise me you won’t”

Wishing I could do that for her, I look away in shame. Knowing I can’t.

“Please Violet, she wants you. Bad, and a creature like that. Nothing will stop it once it’s prey has been chosen. Forged from a broken heart, they’re dark. Twisted from their pain. Forever feeding off of dark energy, anything to try and fill the void inside themselves. I’m afraid if you stay, you’ll…die.” Trailing off as she says her final word in a broken whisper.

The only other person I have ever wanted besides Steph, and I’m already hurting her. 'Stay away, save her from yourself.' “Then that is a fate I’ll deal with when it comes.” My tone soft, I get up to leave.

Still holding on to my hand, I can see her shattered expression in my peripheral. Loathing myself, I know this is best. Moving toward the door, my hands are cold where her touch once was.

“You can’t do this! Violet, not when it’s just a death sentence. Please, don’t go!” Her tone expressing her true feelings, I wish this could have gone differently.

Keeping my gaze forward, I block out the sadness. 'Don’t break, not until you’re alone.'

Out of the room, I notice David’s eyes locked on me. Confused. “What’s going on?” His words searching for an explanation.

“It’s nothing to worry about, I just have to go home.” Able to read through my lie, I expect further confrontation. Yet, nothing of question from him.

Giving me a comforting smile, “Okay, well let’s go.” his trust never ceases to amaze me.

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