The Mystic

The little Mystic they called Lightfire was enjoying his solitary think walk through the forest. His thoughts were of his friend Hightoe. Hightoe had upset one of the elders by arguing with him that he thought the grassflies should be herded over the grasses and not flutter around the huts in the forest.

Elder Flash informed Hightoe that the Mystics had an agreement with the grassflies that allowed them to flutter anywhere they wanted.

Lightfire was trying to think of a way that his friend Hightoe could apologize to all the elders without losing face.

As Lightfires bare feet moved over the dry dove flower leaves, he thought he could here music. But he shrugged it off thinking that it was just the sound of the leaves under his feet.

“Lightfire! Lightfire? Where are you?”

Lightfire heard his mate, Mist Dancer calling his name. He turned around and saw her in the distance.

“I am here! Mist! I am here!” Lightfire smiled as Mist Dancer drew nearer.

The two embraced and jumped up with excitement.

“What are you doing Lightfire? I have been looking for you. It's almost story time. You know how Elder Growlong likes to see you at story time.”

“I know, but I am still thinking about Hightoe. I have got to think of a way to help him with Elder Flash. He was mighty upset with Hightoes comment.”

“Hightoe should not have said those things about the grassflies. He does not not know them.” Mist Dancer did not tell Lightfire more.

As the two walked together, Lightfire stopped in his tracks.

“Mist, listen. Do you hear that?”Lightfire held Mist Dancers arm and motioned for her to listen.

Mist Dancer smiled wide then looked at Lightfire with a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Yes Lightfire, I hear it. Now don't move for a while. You will see.”

It started ever so softly. Off in the distance it began. As if moving through the air. Higher, higher into the evening sky it rose. A sound so beautiful that Lightfire began to smile. A small tear welled up in his eyes.

“Mist. You know what it is don't you?” Lightfire was still smiling as he held his mates arm.

“Yes Lightfire, I do know. But just stand still and listen. He will come closer.”

Mist Dancer looked ahead. She pointed and Lightfire turned to look in the direction Mist was pointing.

Lightfire did not move a muscle as he looked and listened.

Lightfire then heard it clearer. Music. Soft at first, then as it grew closer and louder, he could hear the tones in his head. Lightfire wanted to laugh but held his joy.

Then he saw him. Flying closer. Moving his crystaline wings slowly and from his wings came the sound of angels wings.

Lightfire cried freely. Tears rolled down his cheek as Mist Dancer held him.

“Lightfire, let me introduce you to Sundown. Sundown is brother leader of the grassflies. His songs are the soul of all the grassflies. It is what we hear in our dreams.”

Lightfire and Mist Dancer slowly sat in the grass as Sundown flew slowly around them and sang his song. The highs and lows filling the air around them with such a harmonious melody that it silenced every creature that heard it.

“I never knew!” Lightfire felt so ashamed. “I never knew. We never knew that this is where our dream music came from.” Lightfire lowered his head.

Sundown spoke to Lightfire. “Mystic, we sing for life. We created our songs to renew the world. It was our ancestors that discovered that only our songs renewed the world and life. Do not be ashamed that you did not know. Only a very few Mystics know.”Lightfire looked at Mist Dancer then over her shoulder he saw Hightoe. He was on his knees crying.

Lightfire stood and walked over to Hightoe. He placed his arm around Hightoe.

“You did not know about the grassflies did you my friend? You have been moved by Sundown’s song were you not?”

“Yes Lightfire, yes. I am ashamed of my words. To be untrustful of the grassflies was an unjust emotion. I am sorry.” Hightoe lowered his head.

As Lightfire stood with Hightoe, the grassfly hovered above them both.

From deep within the grassfly came a mournful Melody. As he hovered above, he smiled and looked down upon the two mystics.

“Hightoe, Lightfire, this is for you. Have no worries in your heart. A grassfly singing to you will cure your mind and soul. You have a big heart.”

The song that the grassfly leader sang instilled happiness and good health to those who were near to hear.

Hightoe raised his head and looked up at Sundown as his music filled him. He smiled as a lone tear rolled down his cheek.

Lightfire stood next to Mist Dancer and smiled as they saw healing come over everyone.

Sundown continued his wing songs while he flew off. Flowers began to bloom and leaves turned a bright green behind his path.

All was well in the world. The music of hope and health came to the land of the mystics.


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