Old Memories (revised)

*Amy Beth*


Another quiet Sunday morning, and my mom is still asleep as usual. Not being her fault, she just finished another long shift the last night. Deciding to sneak outside, I make sure not to wake her. Close to the tree line, I see a glimmering light, but not sure where it could be coming from. Choosing instantly to followed it, I want to see what it could be.

Getting close, I feel my skin start to tingle, and the air change. Walking into a clearing i haven't come across before, it's breathtakingly beautiful. The oak trees making a canopy above, only little rays of sun can break through. In the middle is a bird bath surrounded by these amazing flowers that I faintly remember from some time before.

They have, oddly enough, blue stems with green vain like things growing through them. The flowers themselves are variations of dark colors. Some are dark blue, rustic orange, crimson red, violet, and all resemble closely to lilies. Being so peaceful here, I can even hear the wind whistle through the leaves.

Warmth of the sun beams kiss my skin, and the smell of honey suckles lingers in the air. None are spotted anywhere, peaking my curiosity even more. Heading closer to the flowers, I realize they are what is emitting the smell. My eyes spotting a little music box in the bird bath. 'Is that what was causing the glimmer?'

Opening it up, the sweetest song plays. Spinning around, while holding the music box in my hands, it warms my heart. Something about the tune, it feels so familiar.

Once the song stops, words linger in the back of my mind. Almost able to place the words on my tongue, nothing ever emerges. Resetting the box, the song plays again.Falling back on the soft grass, I enjoy my new sanctuary.

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