Late night blossoms

*Amy Beth*

Chapter 14

(David's Chapter)

Halfway through the second movie, Vi is already fast asleep. Not sure why she would still be tired, I try not to wake her. Worry settles on my mind as I ponder to why that would be. Last night’s occurrence must have taken more out of her then she is letting on.

Hoping she isn’t suffering from the same as mom, I chalk it up to just being sick. ‘She could just have a virus?’ Accepting that as the key, I make sure to cover her up as to not get worse.

Trying to finish the movie, I suddenly hear a small knock on the door. ‘Who is that?’ Getting myself up, I head to the door to see who is just outside it. Seeing a flash of long chestnut colored hair, it is gone when the way is open for view. ‘Where did she go?’

Stepping out the door, I look to spot her. “David,” my left ear twitches as I hear a young girl’s voice call my name. Turning that way, I still can’t see anyone. So, I head to find her.

Hearing her hums of a familiar piece, I follow. Wondering where she is going, I cross over into the woods. Finally seeing a glimpse of her dart behind a tree about ten paces ahead, I know I’m in the right direction.

Quickening my pace, I try to catch up. Not willing to lose her so easily. She looks to be young, ‘maybe twelve?’ Could she be one of the girls who keep playing around Violet’s house at night.

Deep in the forest, not sure how much distance from the house. Hums still ringing in my ears, I know I have to be close. Stumbling into a brief clearing, I’m not sure what to think. Seeing three small crosses, and nothing more. Walking near, I kneel before them. Almost certain of what lays beneath.

Tracing my fingers over each one, I feel a small pain in my chest. ‘How does something like this even happen?’ Feeling the cold breeze once more, I turn to see the little girl standing before me. Looking down at me with hazel eyes lined with gold. I feel her pain, but not sure how to help.

Questioning if she is even living, “Are one of these yours’?” Misting away, I turn to see her behind the middle one. Taking that answer as a yes, I wonder how I can even see her? I’ve always believed in ghost, but how can I see them?

“What happened to you?” Asking in a calm tone, she seems to get frightened anyway. Vanishing, she is nowhere to be found.

Getting back up, I dust off my pants from the dirt that remains attached. Knowing I must be a mile away from the house, if not more. Always having an instinct for direction, I don’t worry.

On my way back, I think about everything that just happened. ‘Does this mean Vi’s house is actually haunted?’ Not sure if she’ll believe me, I wonder if I should even say anything.


Hearing my name being called, I know it must be Vi. “I’m here! Just wait where you are,” I shout to her. Not wanting her to get lost, trying to get to me. All sweaty, and out of breath from the humidity, I finally get out from the structure of trees.

“Where were you?” My sister looks to me with panic on her face. “You have been gone for almost an hour, if not more.” Calming once she sees that I’m fine.

“Relax Vi,” I say to her in a calm tone before continuing. ”I need to tell you something.” I get out, as I wonder if she’ll even believe me.

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