Late night blossoms

*Amy Beth*

(Chapter 13)

Waking up with a killer migraine, I still feel exhausted. Almost like sleeping is what drained me. 'How?'

Getting up, I smell the warm scents of my favorite kind of morning. 'Coffee and relaxation.'

Wrapping my warm blanket around myself, I slip my toes into my soft fuzzy slippers. Mind foggy, I slowly walk my way into the living room. Sitting myself into the further corner of the couch.

Hearing a scuffle in the kitchen, I know it must be David. Watching him pass his way through the living room, I crane my neck to see him enter my bedroom with two cups of coffee. 'What is he doing?'

Back pacing to the living room, he spots me on the couch. “Man, I thought you were still in bed. I made this for you.” Smiling, he hands me my favorite mug. Full of the liquid heaven.”

“Thanks, have I ever told you that you’re the best little brother ever.” My response genuine.

“All the time, that’s why I have to keep up my stats to stay that way.” Joking, he sits beside me. Crawling under the covers, and freezing me with his ice of feet. “Dude, I take that back. How does skin even get that cold.” Teasing, I readjust the cover to place a barrier between us.

Doing a slight grimace, he apologizes. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to freeze you.” Re situating himself, he presses play on what he was watching.

Looking to me, he asks to finish it. “You don’t mind, do you? I only had a few minutes left, and it’s amazing.”

“I don’t, what is it?” I ask, curious.

Pausing it once more, he informs me. “It’s a movie of an alien that causes this type of infection to all that surrounds it. Slowly, as the field around it grows, it converts the genes of all the living things. Changing everything from 3rd dimensional creations to 4th. It’s really cool.”

Pressing play, we watch, and I roll up. Passing the red goddess between the two of us.

Resting my eyes for a moment as the new movie plays, I listen to the audio. Just one second. Mind fogging over, my thoughts shift into dreams.

(beginning of Dream)

Hearing the keys of a piano play, I feel at home again. David must be playing, but the tune sounds off. Always having a distinct sound when he plays, this one sounds a little more immature.

Fallowing the tune, I find myself in front of the door I don’t use. Twisting the knob, I walk in. Noticing a young girl near the age of twelve, she seems familiar. With brown hair long, she keeps it held in a tail behind her. Fingers gracing the keys, she misplaces one. Resulting in the unpleasant voice of whom I assume is her teacher.

“What did I tell you about your finger placement! Sloppy fingers, sloppy keys.” Her tone booming, scaring the little girl. Able to feel her emotions somehow, I can sense what will happen if mother gets to mad.

Moving closer to her, I hear the woman scream again. “Well, girl! say it aloud or you’ll spend more time in the basement. Alone, in the dark.”

Frightened, she listens. “Slo…oppy fingers, sloppy ke…eys.” Watching her mother motion her right hand in a circle, she knows to continue. “Sloppy fi…iingers, slo…oppy ke…eys. Slop…ppy fi…ingers, slo…oppy keys…ss” Stuttering worst, as her anxiety raises.

“Come on girl, you’ll say it as long as the imperfection continues.” The mother’s words frustrate me. How can she treat her own flesh and blood like that? The poor thing can’t help something she can’t control.

“Sloppy fingers, slopp…py keys.” Feeling the determination coming from the little girl, I know she is trying hard. “Sloppy fingers, sloppy…keys.” hesitation her friend, she finally get’s the words out correctly.

“That’s right, now continue playing. If you don’t get that line perfected by lunch, we’ll just have to play through it like yesterday. Now wont we.” Her words, something from a nightmarish being.

The scene soon flashes to something of pure darkness. Looking around, I notice the smallest stream of light. Heading towards it, I see stares leading up to it. The top step sits the child, as she streams her finders through the horizontal beam.

Footsteps near, I feel the little girls heart drop. Running down the stairs, she trips on the bottom step. Holding her own mouth, so no cries can be heard.

“Lilac! I swear to the gods of this planet, if you’re sitting at the top again. You won’t get any supper for a week!” A voice booms from the other side, leading to the forceful opening of the door.

Scampering herself, as to be hidden by the remaining darkness. “Lilac, I demand to know where you’re at.” hearing her mother’s tone, she hurries to straighten herself before being seen.

“Yes mommy?! I’m right here.” Walking herself, to be seen by her mother. She tries to hide the scrape she had just gotten on her palm, by placing both hands behind her back.

‘Clever little girl.’ I can’t help, but to think when seeing her actions.

Looking her daughter over, she tries to find something wrong, but can’t. Closing the door, without any further word. Back to darkness, the girl sits on the bottom step. Letting herself feel the pain, it’s so much more then the fall she just endured.

Walking over, I squat myself in front of her. Forgetting how these memories work, my fingers ghost through her. Wanting to comfort, I am only to watch instead.

Feeling a cold presence behind me, I turn to see that malevolent thing once more. Filled with hatred and evil, I can read something more. ‘Pain?’ It doesn’t give the impression that it’s feeding off of it. Yet, suffering from it.

‘How can that be?’

Managing to move, I distance myself. Watching as the entity reaches to Lilac. Suddenly, I see a set of dainty fingers peep out from the fog like creature. Turning to warmth and light, but only controlled, it comforts her. The way you would normally see a mother treat her daughter.

Confused, I watch. Humming a tune, something of a lullaby, Lilac looks up to her and smiles. “Hello friend,” her soft child tone shows familiarity towards this thing.

Not sure how to process all of this, the dream starts to shake. Attention towards me, the spirit converts back to that of negativity. Flashing itself to me instantly. I feel cold and drained.

(end of Dream)

Everything fades, as I hear a slam of a door. My eyes spring open, and body jumps up. What just happened?

Looking to the entry way, I notice the main door open, and the screen door banging in the wind. Getting up, I go over what little I remember of the odd dream.

Closing the door, I wonder why David would of left it open. It’s unlike him to not shut things, 'that’s usually me.'

'Where is he anyway?'

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