Merella's Madness
(Whispers of Merella)

*Amy Beth*

A world made from one woman’s mind, how you may ask. Well, to answer that, we need to start in a land far away. Lost in the ways of an old world, there lived a fair maiden by the name of Merella.

With locks colored from the deep ocean, and eyes the shade of exotic rubies. She lived a peaceful life, full of happiness and love. Working the family trade of hatter, it was passed down through generations. Something that felt a part of her, even at a young age.

Having a small family, kids one of each gender, and a husband who cherished her dearly. A life most could only dream of. Growing and loving each other with each new day. Soon coming with age, an age coming with fear. The fear of calling an end to it all, when death should come knocking.

Needing an out, one that would soon devour her. Crating a madness, not even she could contain. Exploring every option, she traveled the world through works of words. Eventually coming across a book saturated with darkness. Willing herself to use any means.

Practicing dark spells and potion without full knowledge. Letting her fear and ignorance drive her. Soon paying a price she didn’t agree too. When loosing control of a spell one night. Catching her house on fire, with family all inside. She couldn’t save them

Her cries where heard from the deepest depths of Hades, one couldn’t help, but to take advantage. Coming to answer her longtime prayer, and so much more. The beast came to her by flock of moths, forming into a gentleman of great beauty. A figure her mind could comprehend.

With eyes the color of ash, and locks of black pulled into a long tail. The newly formed man stood tall and slim, wearing a fitted suit with shades of grim. Walking towards her, she was frozen. Part of her wanting to run, and the other, entranced by the possibilities he held. Feeling the power seep off of him, she knew he held great secrets.

Striking a deal, she couldn’t refuse. He withheld details she simply just didn’t read. Granting her not only the eternal youth she has been searching for, but giving back her, her beloveds as well. Signing the pages of there agreement with her own blood, it was nothing now she could back out from.

Living soon in a pocket world named after her, one away from her current. She was reunited with her family, but sadly they were figments only from her memory. Unaware, she had no complaints.

Gladly feeding off of her madness, it soon wasn’t enough. Sending whispers out through all the worlds, calling innocent souls into the darkness. Pulling them to him through there own thoughts and self-guilt. Making them feel lost, with only one solution. To live in his wonderland, trapped forever.

With no rules or logic, anything is possible. So, why not stay. To most it is a world that exist in only dreams. Unimaginable things can happen, magic some may say. But be careful, for nightmares are dreams too.

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