Late night blossoms

*Amy Beth*

Chapter 11

(David’s chapter)

Barely able to keep my eyes open, I notice that Violet has already fallen asleep. She has never been the one to stay awake through a whole movie, just like our father. Grabbing a small blanket from under the table, I drape it over her settled body.

Creaking of the floorboard behind me, grabs my attention. When looking back, I see nothing. 'What was that?'

Getting up, I feel a cold spot where it seems the noise came from. 'That’s weird.' My stomach twist like it is full of sour energy, making me feel uncomfortable. 'It’s just the move.' I tell my self as to not over worry.

Moving from the spot, I decide to get some fresh air. Hoping it will clear my thoughts. The whole move today just happened fast, and I just need to take a moment to settle in.

Leaning my crossed arms on the red wooden railing, I look to the lake before me. 'If this works, you might actually be able to be around Karoline again.' Yes, the reason I moved in with Violet was to keep her safe, but part of it was also to break away from my parents. Not completely, just enough that I wont worry about harm coming to anyone I bring into my life.

Feeling the chill once again, 'it’s just the wind.' My thoughts tell me as I zip my old blue plaid hoody shut. My best attempt to keep the cold out.

Leaves rustle around the corner. Not caring to find out by who, I head back inside. 'That’s enough air for one night.' Closing the door tight behind me, I make sure to put all locks on. Just to be safe.

Quickly noticing Violet's absents from the couch, I check her bedroom. Finding her cuddled in her bed, under her thick blanket. Not feeling tired any longer, I decide to look around the house a little to get my bearings over the place.

Violet gave me a tour when she first moved in, but I wanted to just remind myself of where everything is at. Walking down the hall, my eyes notice a room that I can’t quiet remember. Don’t get me wrong, I remember my sister telling me there are three rooms, but I only remember the contents of two.

'You were pretty desecrated.' I tell myself as I remember Karoline in that yellow blouse I love so much.

Laying my palm flat on the door, I push it open. Noticing a thing of true beauty stand before me. Not ever seeing a piano like this before, I am awe struck. Finding myself at her keys, I drag my fingers across them. Keys made out of what looks to be clear quarts and obsidian, I lose my breath to the sight. Looking to the structure, it seems to be made of wood from a willow tree.

Entranced by the energy she gives, I find myself at her mercy. Playing since I was five, I have always had a connection to this instrument that most don’t understand. When you play the keys, 'and I mean really play them'. Not just hitting a few that sound nice together. It’s almost like they become an extension of your own being. Nothing else matters besides you, her, and the music. Becoming something of intoxication.

I touch her gently, closing the lip as to keep from temptation. Everything in my being tells me to play a small melody, but I can’t wake Violet. Not after the day she had.

“Play,” I hear a soft voice whisper from behind. Jumping from my seat, I calm myself when noticing no one here with me.

'It’s late, your mind is playing tricks on you.' I rationalize the moment, but leave the room just to be safe. Walking myself to my room, I know I just need to get some sleep.

Waking up to the meows of Jebb, I wonder what he wants. Looking to the clock beside me, it’s still before dawn. “Go away,” I tell him as I try to bring myself back to sleep.

Jumping on the bed, he won’t leave me be. “Fine, if you wont let me sleep, then what is it you want?” I ask, not expecting an answer.

His ears perk up, and tail twitches as he turns himself away. Heading out the door, I lay back down in relief. 'Finally, back to dreams.'

Hollering once more, I see him at the door. “Are you wanting me to follow you?” I ask, and know it to be true when he leaves again.

“Okay, but this better be important.” My words hollow of a response as I get out of bed to follow him.

Leading me to the bathroom, I regret my earlier ignorance of the situation when sighting Violet laying on the tiled floor. Rushing to her side, I wake her.

“Violet!” Shaking her, she wakes.

Groggy, her eyes are confused. “What happened to you?” I ask worried of her current state.

Taking a moment to gather herself, she finally speaks. “I. I don’t know.” Her answer honest, but helps none.

Helping her up, I check for signs of injury. Nothing. Holding herself up, I stay near as we head to her room. “Do you remember anything?” I ask, hoping to figure out why she was passed out.

“I remember getting up to go pee, but everything goes black after entering the bathroom. I can’t remember anything.” Her face scrunches as she riffles through her thoughts.

Knowing of one reason, I ask in the hopes it’s not true. “Has this happened before? Have you ever, blacked out before?” My question catches her off guard, and I can see fright come upon her face.

“NO! never before tonight.” Her answer rushed. I wonder if she is telling me the truth.

Crawling under her covers, I contemplate if I should monitor her. Just to make sure nothing else happens. “Should I stay in here tonight? I can make a pallet on the floor, I don’t mind.” I reassure her there is no inconvenience.

Looking up at me with brave eyes, I can see something deep inside. 'Fear?' “No, it’s fine. You’re right across the hall if I need you. I’ll be good, I promise.” Her answer unsatisfactory.

After leaving her room, I know I won’t be able to sleep now. So, I just venture my way back into the living room to start my day.

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