Late night blossoms

*Amy Beth*

(Chapter 9)

Later that night I awake to the sound of giggling outside my window once again. 'I have hear that laugh before', I know who is belongs to, but who? looking to my clock, I notice the numbers flashing 26:54. 'Why would someone be out this late?' Getting up, I head outside.

Getting to the door, the giggling grows louder, yet once open, nothing can be heard.

“Hello? Any one out here, Hello!” My voice traveling within the night. Nothing is said in return, rising my curiosity.

Stepping one foot out the door, I kick something. When looking down, I notice an old rag doll. Picking it up, I glance around as to find it’s owner. 'No one?' Heading back inside, I shut the door. Bringing the doll to my room, to further examine it.

With hair of red yarn, black buttons for eyes, and a yellow dress with small blue hearts printed on it. I know this doll comes with a lot of age. Noticing a pocket on the front of the dress, I looked inside. Instantly throwing it across the room once I see the contents laying within. Teeth, 'human teeth?' Something else was inside as well, but I didn't quite see it.

So, against all wants, I get up to retrieve the doll. Building up my courage, finally I look inside once more. Seeing a white piece of paper, I force myself to retrieve it. Reading the contents out loud, my eyes widen at what it holds.

“It’s lonely in the woods at night, will you please come play with us?”

Confused about what I should feel or do, I am certain with one thing. I make the decision to call the police. Knowing that the contents of the doll had to come from something, or worse, someone.

They come out and search the woods, yet find no trace of any foul play. They take the doll and all the contents, but not the note that I have safely in my pajama pocket. They told me they would call as soon as they find out anything. I head back to bed as soon as they leave, only getting a couple hours or so of sleep.

Waking up to Jebb in my face, I know he is telling me to feed him. Giving myself time to wake up, I struggle to keep my eyes open. With little sleep, I know today will be exhausting.

Fixing my coffee, I hear a knock at my door. 'Who is that?' When I get there, I see my brother’s silhouette through the frosted glass. “Hey little bro,” I tell him with a half-tired smile when opening the entrance.

Looking me up and down, I know I look worse than I thought. “Dude, what happened.” He says with a small snicker, teasing me like most little brothers do.

“Yeah, I feel like I’m functioning on only a couple hours of sleep. You know me, beauty sleep is the key to my existence.” I laugh with him, moving to the side to let him in.

Heading back to the kitchen, I offer him some coffee as I pour mine into a mug the size of a kiddy pool. “Nah I’m good, it looks like you need it more anyway.”

Finding ourselves on the front porch, I ask about his visit. “So, what brings you by?”

Looking at me with a look of confusion, “You called? Don’t you remember?” His words remind me of our early morning phone call. Right after the police left.

“Sorry, I completely forgot. What do you want to know?” I ask, so I know where to start. Only remembering bits and pieces of the words we exchanged.

Pausing for a moment before he speaks, “You said you found it out here, where was it exactly?” He asks before his eyes dart around to see if any signs are left.

“It was right in front of the door, just lying there.” I tell him before sipping my coffee. His gaze tightens on the area, as he thinks.

“You said there was a note, did you give it to the cops?”

Knowing it was a poor decision to keep it, I pull it out of my night pant’s pocket. Handing it to him, he hesitates before taking it. His emerald eyes dart across the paper with a look of horror. “Violet, I don’t think it’s safe for you here any longer.” His tone stern, but light.

“Surely David you can’t think I’m going to leave this house because of some little kids. I sunk all my money into this place, I can’t just abandon it.” Hating to have this argument again.

Looking up, I know he has real concern in his words. “Something doesn’t feel right about this place, and I know this isn’t the first occurrence. I just, I don’t want something to happen.”

“I’ll be fine, remember I’m suppose to protect you, not the other way around. Older sibling rights.” I tell him with a week smile. I have the same fears as him, but if there are little girls truly living like that. I can’t just leave them. Not when I can help.

“You could always come back home, and sell this place.” He chimes in with a sort of solution that I can’t agree with.

Trying to find the words, I remind him of how it was before I moved out. “Dude, you know I can’t. I love mom, but did you forget what happened the last day I was there? I won’t go through that again.” Hating the memory, but it’s the one thing that forces my hand on not moving back home. It wasn’t my mother’s fault, but it still gives me nightmares sometimes.

“I know, I just don’t like the thought of you staying here by yourself.” His response gives me an idea I feel we will both enjoy. “What if you move in? If not permanently, at least for the summer. Get a little freedom before school starts again.” I ask, hoping his presence will help not make this house feel so lonely.

Thoughts run through his head for a moment as he thinks over my offer. “I’ll have to talk to dad about it, but I think it could work. If you won’t leave, at least me being hear means you aren’t be in this house alone.

Finishing our morning, we plan on how this all will work out.

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