A tragic love story

*Amy Beth*

Once upon a time, there was a princess of a modern time. Living a story that was doomed at first breath. The King and Queen decide to name their new blossom Sarah Carol. She grew to have long blond locks with pale blue eyes.

Always a quiet young child, she watched the world around her. Curios to learn new things, and always getting lost in other worlds. Only to have her eleventh year give her dark thoughts she couldn’t block out.

She had a safe happy home, but school wasn’t so nice. Keeping to herself. Just trying to blend into the background, and it only worked, for a couple of years at least. For her thirteenth birthday, she gave herself red stripes across her skin.

Long-sleeves on summer days, and even longer quiet nights. By herself in her chamber, alone she would always sit. The King and Queen tried to help, but nothing got her out. They had no idea of the young Princess’s sufferings, until they stumbled upon her the night before her start of high school.

Motionless, with only an empty bottle beside her. They rushed her to the healers hoping they could help their young Princess. Awakening the next morn, to find herself locked in restraints connecting her to the bed.

With tears in her eyes, she looked to the king and queen hoping for remorse. They wanted to help, but they knew they had to trust the healers. For they knew best. Looking away hurt at their betrayal.

After a long slumber, and time to think. She came to, wanting against everything to prevent these dark thoughts. Agreeing to head away each day, hoping help will actually come through this time.

Filled with dullness, the princess still found herself in group every day for months. Not receiving the help she needeth, not before she met her prince charming. Going by the name Danial Beddleson, he had a story just as tragic. Losing his father at the age of three, only for his mother to replace him the next year.

Having no money, she knew one choice had to be made. Remarried, his stepfather would now provide. Not willing his services for free, he always liked to get drunk and lay his hands-on Danial. Knowing soon his new wife would leave him, he planted his seed in her about a year later. Resulting nine months later a little baby girl.

Yet harm only came to his unblooded son. Danial soon started to sneak his father’s whisky. Only nine, he needed something to numb the everyday pain. It helped, but he drank too much one dark evening after his father turned the physical pain into something that cut far deeper.

Danial had been coming into a young man now, and his father enjoyed the new sight. drinking until the pain was gone, but sadly it was too much. Once detoxed, he too was ordered by the elders. Joining group to take control of his actions, but not knowing the true depth of the sins committed upon him. He kept quiet, keeping his father’s dirty secret.

Finding each other was the gift neither knew was coming. They talked to each other bringing a light they both needed. Late night talks under the stars, and soon he was over almost every night.

The king and queen not giving his presence negative though, for her prince brought her joy they failed to. He was welcomed as family, but he couldn’t always stay. Being left with misery every night at home. They promised to each other to keep clean, him from his poison, and her from the self-pain.

He was stuck to suffer, and one day it got too much. Falling hard into his sin, but thankfully she was there to catch him. They talked all through the night, and they told the King and Queen together. She promised to leave out the secret, for if he stayed there was no reason to tell.

The King and Queen talked all night and decided what was best for their Princess. He moved in with the promise to sleep in separate chambers at the end of the night. Things only getting better for the two.

They promised to wed the week after they graduated. To start a life together only filled with bliss and happiness. Everything went as planned until one tragic night. It was the evening before she would become an adult, her prince was stuck away getting the perfect gift.

She was having bad thoughts, needed him to fight them away. He tried his best to get there, but something dark whispered his fate. His carriage flipped and became out of his control, for it was a very stormy night making all the roads slick. Still thinking of his Sarah, his grip tightened around the small gift.

The condition tragic when the healers found him, yet they still tried hard keep him alive. Sarah came to her Prince’s side hoping against everything he would come out of this, for they were meant to have a happy ending. It was the only thing keeping her tethered to this world.

The next morn, while she was holding his hand, death came stealing his soul away. Taking a piece of her that night with him, now making her like a hollow shell. Still she made sure to keep her promise to him, knowing that is what he would still want.

Locking herself inside her chambers every night, crying for her prince to come back. Time came with the reminder of their wedding date, and with it the pain. The King and Queen decided to take their Princess on a trip away.

Wanting to take her mind off things, they took her to a cabin with a small lake. The serenity of the place started to calm the thoughts she had, and the water lulling her.

The King thought it fine to go grab supper from the closest town. On other days this would be true, but the date upon them was one of tragic reminders. The Princess being fine, until she found it was the day her and her Prince were to be wed.

The Queen stopped watching her for just one moment, but that was all it took for her to wonder outside. The lake called her by name, and she followed its whisper to the deepest part.

The pain of everything just caved in, making her desire nothing more than to just give up. She squeezed the last gift her Prince had gotten her. His signature in gold held on a chain to be held near her heart.

When the Queen noticed her missing Princess terror settled in, and it only got worse when she couldn’t find her. When the King got back from the nearby town, he decided to call for help. They looked everywhere until they finally found her motionless body drifting in the lake.

Broken hearted, they watched as a couple of men pulled her out of the water. The only daughter they have ever loved was ripped away from them, only to leave behind a lingering pain of her tragic love stories end.

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