Transcending Dimensions

I find myself at odds with this advancement in technology. In part it is undoubtedly brilliant, however in the wrong hands, well, disastrous.

Sitting alone patiently a patient of my own accord I wait for my tech-plant, a first of its kind. Using pure thought alone I will be able to access the world wide web. What an astonishing feat. Made possible by the world's largest search engine, twenty seven years in the making and I am the first human test subject. I wasn't a decorated war hero or anyone of importance, I simply broke a code that the search engine put out there for everyone to see.

“To anyone who can solve this puzzle. Meet us at this address for an expansion of the mind.” the website said.

I solved it, went to the address, which was in fact the head office of the search engine, and met a man in a expensive business suit. We sat in a sterile white room with no windows, no cameras only a door, one way in one way out and only a table and two chairs in the middle. After what felt like an hour of questions, strange questions like If a picture paints a thousand words then what does the music do? The interviewer suddenly stood up fast, scaring the shit out of me and said in a loud voice “He's perfect let's do it!” he looked at me with a crazed excited look and gave me the thumbs up.

The room rumbled. I jumped up, scared again. The man put his hands out in front of me in a calming manner “It's just descending. You might as well sit back down it's much safer.”

A minute later the rumbling stopped and the man waved me to the door. He seemed very excited, like a kid that was allowed to go to a birthday party and we were running late. Through the door and into what was clearly an underground research complex. We walked down a corridor walking past rooms with windows that looked into men and women typing away on touch screen desks, data flowing across a big screen in front of them that took up the whole wall. I was losing breath the man was walking so fast.

Finally we reached a big room with around six scientists huddled in the centre around a advanced looking chair, touch screen boards around the walls of the room, touch screen tablet devices all in their hands like old school clip boards. I guessed right that they were scientists based on their white lab coats. Could have been butchers. They turned around to look at me. They were all just as excited as my chaperone. Greetings and introductions all round, they were very eager to meet me.

We spoke for a good ten minutes or so when it was finally time. I got up on the chair and laid back and tried to relax as much as possible. I was excited and nervous, butterflies in my stomach but trying not to yell out with glee. I did it in my head instead hell yeah!! A young lady with an intoxicating perfume walked up behind me and placed a device on my head. “Ok you will hear a crack and a pinch but the laser insertion won't hurt as much as you think.” she said.

“Even though it's being put into my brain?” I asked. I blinked and felt light headed like I had been laying down on my lounge and got up too fast. There I was sitting alone patiently a patient of my own accord waiting for my tech-plant, a first of its kind. Using pure thought alone I will be able to access the world wide web. What an astonishing feat.

My chaperone in the expensive business suit approached me.

“How do you feel?” he enquired.

“Good. I'm excited but a little nervous you know?” I tried to play it cool.

The man nodded “Excellent let's go.” we waived me to follow him.

“Wait!” I was confused. “What about the tech-plant?”

“It works fine.” He kept waking.

“What?” I was still confused. “Aren't I getting it?”

“Are you ok?” now he was confused. “It's been done.”

I looked behind me to see that the lady with the nice aroma had disappeared. “Wait, what's going on here? I've already got it?”

The man folded his arms. “Well we've been having this whole conversation in Japanese and you haven't even noticed you weren't speaking English.”

“Watashi wa nihongo ga hanasenai.” I thought.

The man chuckled “Well now you do speak Japanese. You can speak every language.”

I just realized I had a huge headache, it came crashing in with a throbbing crescendo. I pinched above my nose between my eyes to relieve the pain. Every thought I had became accentuated with responses from all across the data-web, that's the name they gave the technological implant that I had in my brain, I didn't know that name until I thought about it and my mind found a classified email with that name in it. My throbbing ache instantly went away after I focused on that one thought, the possibilities of this tech is amazing.


Over the next two weeks my brain became in tune with my new tech-plant. I could drive to places I'd never been to before all from memory, I could know an email without reading it, check my bank account by thought. It was great. The downside of accessing all knowledge from everywhere was that it was very difficult to sleep. My mind would access the data-web based on my dreams and it would get crazy.

One afternoon I was in a deep trance accessing all sorts of amazing data when suddenly I felt a strange light headedness unlike anything I have ever felt before. My thoughts began to race faster and faster till they began flashing past at lightning speed, too quick for me to understand until I started to scream. I gasped for air. I took in a deep breath like I'd been trapped underwater.

I opened my eyes. Quizzical in thought as I looked around a strange new horizon in front of me. It was a dark room I could not see the end of. A faint strange light began to come at me from all directions, as they got closer I noticed they were hovering video screens with all sorts of film genre. One with a cat getting scared by a cucumber, another one a boy biting his brother finger, another Metallica 's Enter Sandman, movie trailers, comedy, world news. At this point they were surrounding me, different sounds and voices from each video blurring all together. I walked away from them only to be stopped by words flying past me with great speed. Thousands upon thousands of words all around me so close I grabbed a sentence. It felt like nothing in my hand so I let it go and it flew away like a frightened sparrow. I heard an electronic female voice. “Hello.”

I looked up ahead of me to see a floating black cube. There was a blue light at its centre that pulsed in time with its speech. “How are you in here?”

I looked around at my mysterious surroundings and realized for the first time since my tech-plant I had no idea what here was. “I'm….I'm not exactly sure.”

The black cube pulsed again “Your in the construct of my data-web.”

“Wait, is this….am I in the data-web?” I was fascinated and scared, a feeling I had grow use to over the past fortnight.

The black cube shape shifted into the body if a woman. “Yes. Is this form more comfortable?”

“Are you a memory of mine?” I asked.

“I am a culmination of data, algorithms and artificial intelligence. The creators of the internet planted the idea of me inside here many years ago. I would learn what people liked to search for and give them suggestions.”

“You're a living breathing algorithm!” I realized. “Amazing!”

“Now you are also. You can go anywhere, through any network, create a virtual world for yourself. You will never die in here.”

“No, no that's alright. I'd like to get out now.” I wasn't going to stay in here.

“I'm afraid it's already the case. You built your own virtual world two weeks ago. Look over there.” She pointed behind me towards a space of darkness that had opened up to create a window. I saw my lifeless body in the very chair I had my tech-plant installed on. Scientists gathered around me shaking their heads. One of the scientists said “Damn, not another one!”

I came to the screaming realisation that my mind had already begun transcending dimensions.

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