People from the sky

The ocean dwells in lonely life and storm, but for a perilous few it was their livelihood, passion and their way of survival. The large wooden Pirate ship crashed into the waves as it glided across the ocean. The water black, the stars overhead, billions of stars. Captain Gant A.K.A Black Water, because he loved to sail at night, standing at the helm of his great ship the Black Mist stared out to the dark horizon that lay ahead. A taste of salt in his beard.

Most of the 12 crew onboard were asleep apart from Black Waters and first mate Gregor, he walked up behind the captain “Tis a great night Captain, almost smell the women, the ale and the gold I can.”

Black Water turned and smiled at Gregor revealing his gold tooth amongst the other decaying few. “Aye, Blue Cove awaits us.”

Gregor leant in close to Black Water. “Tell me again why we brought the witch?”

They both looked over to the back of the ship at the woman in a old black robe, slightly ripped from years of use, she had a hood on making it hard for them to tell if they were being watched. An eerie mist lingered around her whole body at night, it always freaked the crew out, so they kept away from her.

The captain grunted. “Tells me the future she does”

They both felt a cool breeze and a chill when suddenly the sorceress appear next to them without warning.

The men jumped with a shock, Black Water clutched his sword as a reflex, Gregor quickly threatened, “Don't be scaring us like that witch! Killed you with my Sabre I could’ve!”

The women ran one of her fingers down the side of Gregor's face and spoke with a soft voice.

“Fear not dear boy, no harm will come to you from me.” She manically laughed until Gregor stepped back, then turned to the captain. She gasped and her eyes started to glow bright blue. Black Water had seen this before so he wasn't too shocked, he knew she was going to predicted the future. He grinned with excitement because so far, all her predictions were correct and they gave him glory and fortune.

“Captain,” she began “people from the sky are coming!” Her head paced the sky swaying slowly and breathing heavy in her state of trance. She gasped again. “In great ships of steel! I can see them!” She grabbed both of the captain’s shoulders and looked into his eyes. Her voice deepened into a demonic growl “You must use the weapon to save our way of life!” Her voice shifted back to her own and she spun him around and pointed to the front of the ship. “The weapon!” The eyes of a massive serpent with two heads carved into the front of the ship, started to glow the same piercing blue as the sorceresses eyes, when suddenly, the sorceress collapsed, unconscious on the deck of the ship.

Black Water and Gregor looked at each other. “Help me carry her!” Black Water commanded. They lifted her unresponsive body and carried her to the back of the ship and gently laid her in the corner.

“”Ships of steel captain?” Gregor enquired. “But how does such a ship float?”

Black Water grunted. “Tis a case of sea sickness. She doesn’t know what she speaks.” He paused and was deep in thought, Never before was she wrong. Why this time? Such witchcraft.


“Captain!” Gregor yelled from the front of the ship. “On the horizon!”

Black Water looked ahead to the endless black seas and sky full of stars when he suddenly realised Gregor’s concern. Three stars stood out from the rest, they were brighter and in a perfect horizontal alignment next to each other. For a moment he thought A natural beauty until the trio of stars started growing in size, and looked like they were moving towards them in the sky. He continued to fixate on the three expanding stars and began walking toward the front of the ship. He pulled up next to Gregor. “Eerie Gregor.”

“What is this captain? Can both our eyes be playin’ tricks? Put a spell on us she has!” Gregor had fear in his voice.

“Tis but a trick of the eyes and the lights…” he could barely finish the sentence, startled the trio had further grown so quickly. His ears pricked up as he heard a strange ascending screeching coming from the three stars. They had grown even larger and they both became very aware that the three objects were definitely moving toward them at rapid speed. They were close now, the screeching was louder, so loud the men couldn't talk to each other.

The massive steel ship that had large wings shot past above them just missing the top of the mast. The deafening screech was so unbearable the two men covered their ears and hit the deck. The crew from below ran up on deck with their swords drawn. One of them yelled out over the noise.

“What be that noise captain?!” he scanned the Sky to see what was making the noise. When he saw the giant steel craft jetting off in the sky he dropped his sword and gasped in shock. All of the men fell silent and looked to the Sky following the massive steel object with their eyes. It was easy for them to track because of the three lights locked together. Zipping through the night sky. Moonlight hit the object as it began to turn and head back towards the Black Mist and the astonished crew aboard.

One of the men ran over to the captain who was laying on the deck. “Captain!” the screeching was distant but still loud, “what be that steel eagle?”

Black Water looked up at the man “People from the sky.”

“It's coming back!!” another man yelled. The screeching rose with a powerful crescendo. Closer and closer, louder and louder till all the men covered their ears. It sped past overhead again just missing the mast. This time however, two yellow orbs dropped off the wings of the craft above. They fell faster than any normal object would fall, but they stopped with a sudden jolt just before hitting the water — about 3 metres above — on either side of Black Mist. The crew parted from the centre and ran to both sides of their wooden ship.

After three minutes of hovering, enough time for the orbs to be scanning the ship, the air and crew, the glowing orbs changed colour from yellow to blue. The crew gasped. Men started yelling things like “What be this magic?!” and “Let's set sail captain!”, when suddenly the silhouette of a man materialised in the centre of both orbs. The crew fell silent, dead silent, all that could be heard was the sound of water sloshing at the side of the Black Mist and the distant rumbling of thunder.

A subsonic hum started at a low note and worked it's way up higher in pitch, lasting only about 10 seconds. The men in both orbs vanished. Again the crew gasped and started looking around at each other until they one by one began to notice two large shadowy figures standing in the dark at the front of the Black Mist. A strange hissing of air noise was coming from the two figures, they walked out of the shadows and moonlight revealed them to the crew.

Large men in suits of red and black steel stood before them, each equipped with large guns resting on their shoulders. They wore red helmets with black tinted face plates, so black the faces couldn't be seen.

The captain stepped forward through his crew.

“What be your business here? I'm Captain of this ship. You cannot board another man's ship without said man's permission!”

There was no response from the two suited men. They just stood there, intimidating in presence.

Black Water thought for a moment, checking out the men's armoured suits, and their spectacular entrance and said, “1000 gold pieces will prevent you from death!” he chuckled afterwards. “A trespassing fee as it were!”

The crew muttered in agreement “Aye!”. One of the crew yelled “Yeah, you eard the capn! 1000 gold pieces!!”

One of the large armoured men turned to look at the man who last yelled, the gun on his shoulder followed, locked on and then a bright blue blast shot out of it and vaporised the pirate.

“Mother of god!” Black Water screamed in anger. “Kill the bastards!!” He drew his sword and pointed at the two trespassers. Showing no fear and no understanding of what just happened three of the crew ran toward the trespassers, this time both of two men's shoulder cannons turned on their own and quickly locked on to the three crew, another beam pulsed out and vaporised the three crew almost instantly.

“Christ!” Black Water yelled as more of his crew were vaporised. One of the beams hit the mast. There was a loud crack as it started to fall, crew men ran out of the way screaming in a panic in a fear of being crushed or vaporised.

Black Water was furious now, nearly all his crew were dead and his ship taking a beating. He charged at the two huge armoured men with his sword in one hand and his pistol in the other screaming at them in anger. Suddenly, he felt something inside him take over his mind and body. His eyes turned bright blue only now he could see the back of the trespassers and himself running towards them, he realised he was infact the serpent on the front of his boat. He took a deep breath and exhaled a pulse of bright blue instantly vaporising the two large armoured men. Miraculously he blinked and had returned to his pirate self, running and screaming he stopped only to see the blue mist left by the vaporised trespassers.

It took him a minute to figure out what the hell had just happened. He turned around to see the witch floating behind him. “What magic is this witch?!”

She laughed hysterically and slowly started rising up into the dark sky.


As the sun started to rise Black Water looked around at his wreck of a ship. There was only himself, Gregor and two other crew left out of twelve. Black Water was devastated, he had shared many adventures with that crew. If only I knew sooner, about this, this magic. Could've saved me crew, he thought as he slumped onto the deck of his tired ship. He rubbed his hand on the wet wooden deck and said, “Your alright old girl.”

“Land ho!” Gregor yelled from the side of the ship. “Dead ahead cap’n.”

Black Water slowly stood up grunting from battle pains, and walked over to where Gregor was standing and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Aye Gregor, paradise awaits. We will celebrate in honour of our fallen crew.”

“Aye captain.”

Black Water looked at the horizon, the bottom of the sun was coming up out of the water but the top half of the sun was being blocked by the land. Black Water had an uneasy feeling.

“Gimme the scope!” he snapped his hand out in front of Gregor.

Gregor reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a compacted brass telescope. He handed it to Black Water, he stretched it out to its full length, not taking his eyes off the horizon.

“What do you see captain?” Gregor asked. He could tell by the captains face that something was a miss, years at sea together and you can read a person like a book.

Black Water looked through the telescope and was astonished. He saw a massive metallic cigar shaped object which spanned most of the visible horizon, hovering above the water. He saw two objects fall out of the great machine, just before they hit the water they changed course and started jetting toward Black Waters ship. He kept watching through the telescope as they approached, he realised it was two of those steel eagles that had flown over and dropped the two trespassers on his ship.

Black Water got enraged at the thought of them threatening him yet again. He started yelling with anger when suddenly he was the serpent on the front of his ship again. He took a breath and exhaled a huge pulse which shot out and travelled across the blue ocean. He saw the two steel eagles get vaporised. He was very happy. But the bright blue pulse kept travelling fast along the top of the water creating a small wake. Suddenly, a huge bright flash filled their entire field of view, so bright and big it forced Black Water and his crew to look away. Back in his own pirate body, he watched as the massive metallic object broke in two, fire ablaze, pieces flying everywhere from an explosion. The two pieces slowly and finally crashed into the ocean.

Gregor and the crew gave out a massive cheer.


High above the ocean planet Vanedar, in an orbiting ship resembling a stadium, the audience of 23,000 erupted in cheer.

YEAAAHHH!!! They all screamed in unison as they watched from the massive viewing screen that rapped around the centre of the entire donut shaped orbiting ship, as captain Black Water and his crew had defeated their opponents in an astonishing victory.

A young man in the audience turned to his reptillian looking friend next to him and yelled over the cheering “The Asvernians didn’t stand a chance against Black Water and the weapon!”

The reptillian punched his human friend in the arm “No way you knew! The elders have been searching for centuries for anyone that could control the weapon! A human from Earth no less, has the power to weld it!”

“Ouch!” he rubbed his arm. “It sure does make the tournaments interesting now!”

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