My pain was severe. Pain of missing my home. Pain of missing family. I knew that I would feel pain during my trip but they never told me that I would be feeling this pain while I was in stasis.

This flight was to take 4000 years to complete but for me it would only last 4 days.

And 6 days ago the chief engineer informed me that they finally discovered the stable wormhole that was on the edge of Mars. It was never discovered because the Terminator of Mars and the glare from the sun side of Mars kept it hidden.

The scientists have been prepared for a flight through a wormhole for years. And out of seven candidates for the flight, I was the Lucky one to go. I was about to change my mind and retire but I was chosen to go.

The ship was prepared and loaded for my trip and for my eventual return from whatever lay on the other side of the wormhole.

Now here I am speeding beyond what I have ever known and about to go through this invisible barrier to whatever awaits me on the other side.

5, 4, 3, 2, my nerves are a wreck, 1, pass through.

The ship and I just passed through the wormhole. And for a split second I could swear that I saw another ship going the way I just came.

Looking ahead, I see, my God!



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