Late night blossoms

*Amy Beth*

(Chapter 6)

Looking in the mirror, I am afraid to check my back. The wound still stinging, I know it is there, but seeing it brings it to a different depth. ‘You have to at least check.’ Lifting my shirt, I notice three red marks on my left shoulder blade of almost three inches in length. Shock, I’m not sure what to think.

‘There are no such things as ghost! You’re going crazy, just like mom.’ I’m not sure which is worse. Knowing that I need to distract myself, I decide to go for a walk. ‘Fresh air will do you well.’ Grabbing my light purple coat, and head out the door.

I walk by the lake, enjoying the reflection of the clouds above, and the slight pink hue sky that peaks through. With the nip of wind, I can already tell tonight is going to be a cold one. Breathing in the crisp beginning of summer air.

Walks like this always seems to remind me of Steph, and the ones we would always take together. She was always the more fit one, lapping me, but always coming back for me in the end. I always enjoyed the view of her ahead of me, the way her body moved with her curves. She was like a goddess to me.

Hearing the leaves rustle behind me, I turn to see Jebb following shortly behind. Smiling, I slow my pace down for him. “Hey buddy, are you wanting to walk with mommy?” I ask, and he meows in response.

Matching my pace, he continues on with me. It’s not long before I am out of breath, and in need of a moment of just sitting. I find a small boulder near the lake that seems dry enough for my bottom. Sitting down, I stare off into the distance. Just letting my thoughts wonder wherever they please. Finding them quickly on my lost lover.

In the hopes to shift them, I stare into the lake, wondering what secrets it must hold. What history once took place here? My skin starts to tingle, and I feel the air shift in a familiar way, not able to remember what happens next with this change.

I watch as a little girl, who can’t be more then a few years of age. She plays in the sand a short distance away. Her hair a pale color lays in two long braids. Humming a sweet little tune to herself, I notice no one around to watch her. ‘Where are her parents? Surly they wouldn’t leave a young child unattended like this, would they?’

Not wanting harm to come to her, I keep my eyes on her. Once a little dune of sand is built, she laughs as she kicks it down. Instantly I remember that I have heard the light giggles before. ‘Is she the one who likes to venture around my house at night? Do her parents ever pay her any mind of where she’s at?’

Movement brings my attention to my left, and I watch as a two little girls of a slightly older age head near the small thing. One of them catches my eye fast. Rose, ‘but how?’

Suddenly a rush of memories comes flooding back. Memories of Rose’s story, and I sit in horror as I remember that tall black figure of nightmares.

Watching the little ones play, I’m not sure what to think. Not until I see the older two luring the youngest into the lake ahead of us all. Knowing there is no way that little one can stay safe in the deep abyss, I run towards them. Hoping to stop them all before someone gets hurt.

Already in the cool black water, I rush in without care of my attire. “Stop!” I yell, but my words seem to just drift with the wind. My body moves slow through the thick liquid that surrounds me. I watch as the two disappear, and the youngest struggles to stay afloat.

“I’m coming! Just keep swimming!” Shouting, I pray that I make it to her in time.

I reach her, but my fingers just ghost through her. Gasping for air one last time, she cries in terror before the lake swallows her whole. Refusing to give up on her, adrenaline flooding my veins. I dive bellow pleading that I can save her. I watch as her golden eyes sparkle one last time, before they lose the last shimmer of life left.

The scene flashes, and suddenly I am back on land. Baffled I try to get my thoughts straight. I notice a small frail woman with her dark brown hair pulled up in a wet messy bun. She crouches over the little girl’s empty vessel, and cries for her to wake up.

“Please Daisy, Wake up for your mommy!” Hysterical, she compresses the little girl’s chest in the hope that she will come back. “I’m Sorry Baby! Just please wake up.” Her pain radiates off of her, but so does the reek of alcohol.

Anger fills me from the inside out, How could she! Drinking while her daughter was drowning, what kind of ghastly being is she!

Waking up in a fuzzy haze over my mind, I realize that it is already dark out. 'What happened? Shit!' Coming to the fast conclusion that I blacked out again. 'This isn’t good, I can’t be like mom. Please God don’t do this to me!' Pleading, praying that I don’t lose my sanity like her.

I adore my mother, but I won’t be able to handle having the same issues. Not when the cost is losing myself. The black outs are always where it start, but maybe it’s just the stress. ‘Yeah that has to be it.’

Heading back to my house, I notice a few missed calls from David. Calling back, I wait for his answer. I hope things are okay.

“Hey sis.” my younger brothers voice rings out once he picks up.

“Hey, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I was just wanting to know if you wanted to come over for a family supper tomorrow?” He asks, letting the line go silent until my response.

Needing the chance to see my family after the week I have been having, I take his offer. “I would love to. Is Karoline coming over too?” I ask him, knowing the answer already.

He hesitates, and I know something is up. “Yeah she is. I am actually thinking about telling her things.”

“What things?” I ask hoping it is something good.

“How I feel things?” He gets out, and I know how nervous he must be about the whole thing. My brother has always been the one to wear his heart on his sleeve, but communicating his feelings has always been his week point.

“Did you say that as a question, dude I’m coming over early, just to help you through this. It’s times like this that you need your big sis.” I tell him with a smile that I know her can’t see.

“Great, because I really need you on this one.”

“What time should I head over?” I ask him, so I know how to plan my day tomorrow.

“About 1400 should be fine. I’ll see you then, I love you Violet.”

“I love you too.”

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