Late night blossoms

*Amy Beth*

(Chapter 4)

I see a little girl with red hair, but she doesn’t notice me. 'Is this my dream?' I wonder to myself.

I can sense that she is afraid. Of what, I’m not sure. At least not until I hear the yelling downstairs. It is like my dream is playing out right before my eyes.

The yelling finds its way up the stairs, and I notice the little girl hide further behind the boxes. All I see is her blue eyes peeking through the cracks. They start to water, and I can hear cries that dissipate once the door starts to open.

Hard footsteps start to get closer, and I see them coming from a large gentle man with a bulging stomach and muscles that used to be. He has salt and pepper hair that has a faded reddish-brown tint to it. A mustache with no faded tint, showing his hair’s true color. Glasses with a rounded square frame, and an anger full of fire. Horns of pure black, twisting around twice before coming to a point, and menacing black marks all across his arms.

He comes closer to the hiding spot of the little girl, and I step in front to try to block his path. Hoping to protect her, but he walks through me like a ghost in the night. It sends chills down my spine, and my breath is taken from me in that moment.

“Where are you, you little monster?!” His voice booms through the small attic space. His pace slows, as he looks for her.

Spotting her finally, his anger boiling, he heads towards her. The air thickens as his foul energy fills it. Almost suffocating me.

“Leave Rose alone!” I hear the female voice from downstairs say, as a woman with red hair and blue eyes blocks the man’s path. 'Her mother?'

She doesn’t stand in his way for very long before she is on the floor unconscious from the smack across the face, she just earned herself. His strength a kind that he easily underestimates.

The little girl’s cries now audible for all surrounding ears. I feel so powerless in this situation, unable to stop any of the actions preformed. He gets closer to her way, but stops abruptly by a figure dressed all in black.

The figure twits and turns itself above even the man’s height. He stares in horror, shocked by the scene in front of him. I can’t see the figures face, and soon nothing else. As the figure let’s out a scream that is set from all frequencies, high and low. It resonates deep inside, and soon enough everything goes black.

I find myself waking up in the attic alone surrounded by the dark. The only light is of the moon shining through the small window. 'What happened? How is it so late?' I try to remember the events before passed out, but I am only filled with fuzzy memories.

When I head downstairs, I notice a cool breeze running through the house, and I know I must have left a window open somewhere. I look, but can’t find any. 'That’s weird.' I wonder to myself as I just give up on the hunt. Today has just been a weird day, and I need a moment to relax.

I decide chilling for a moment with my little guy will do the trick, but when I call for him, he never shows. “Jeb where are you?” I call while shaking his treat bag. 'Still nothing? That trick always works.' I head out to the porch wondering if maybe he got out somehow.

“Jeb, here Kitt kitty kitty!” I shout to the open air around me. Hoping it will carry my voice to his ears.

I wait a moment or two before I start to hear laughter. Laughter coming from a little girl, but where? I look around, seeing no sign of life anywhere. The laughter grows louder before it stops completely. Fear sends chills all over, and my nerves tell me to head inside.

“Violet” I hear a soft whisper in my ear, but when I turn, no one is there.

I run back inside, locking all three bolts on the door. Hoping whatever that just was, stays outside. I couldn’t of just imagined that, 'Could I?'

Tonight, just keeps getting weirder, so I decide to call it quits. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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