*Danial Jaxx*

You came into my life, not unexpected, but a sudden choice.

I never saw you anyway, so that's what made it easy.

There where two things that could even happen, one you stay a ghost like you already where, or two you become a small chapter in my life.

Something fun for a little while, something to fill the void I had eating away.

I came from a life siding with negativaty, darkness creeping in every corner, all of it just wanting to consume me from the inside out.

Needing something of love, something to ground me.

In that moment, with swallow thought, not once thinking of what this choice may actually bring.

A love so pure started growing everyday, strength coming with each obstacle.

You brought to me everything I needed, staying by my side, and loving me every day.

You made me something of greater being, once being broken, and now being whole.

Time going on, you made me feel, feeling things I never thought I could.

Nothing before seeming of great altitude, you brought me love, warmth, and safety greater then I ever have ever felt, but also greater pain.

But that's just what love is, great heart break, and even greater happiness.

Like they always say, once in love, your world goes from black and white to color.

After almost half a decade, you have become part of my life unlike no one before.

Our stories intertwined, now for all of eternity.

Having a love like ours isn't just something on the surface, but something far deeper, a connection of the souls.

You are my best friend, my other half, and my everything.

You where a simple choice, one of the easiest, but one I will be forever thankful for.

You where a blessing of God, sent to me when I needed you the most.

Finishing almost another chapter of my story named life, you came to me, and stayed with me ever since.

Now our pages combined, making our stories just one.

I can't imagine a story so great, one with two heroes, instead of just one.

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