Late night Blossoms

*Amy Beth*

(Chapter 3)

It has been a couple hours since David left, and the dead silence is killing me. So, I decide to change my reading to watching something good. I keep feeling goosebumps on the back of my neck like someone is watching me, but there is no one whenever I check.

I decide to watch something funny to try and get my mind elsewhere. Jebb jumps onto the couch, making me jump almost out of my skin. I finally decided to settle on a comedy, and I decide to pack my bowl to go along with it. I get a few hits in, and suddenly I hear high pitch giggles coming from behind me.

I pause the show to see if I hear anything, but nothing. Pushing play I decide to just continue watching my show. It's only a moment before the giggling starts again, and I feel like I might just be tripping or something.

It seems the more I ignore it, the louder it gets. Getting up, I follow the laughter to the entry way. Pausing, I wondering if it is a good idea to leave the safety of my warm home.

My eyes spot a glimpse of a small head run pass the window. Quickly, I realize that it is probably just a kid wanting to scare the neighbor. Any other day I would probably investigate not afraid of anything, but right now I rather not.

“I think we should just call it a night Jebb, what do you think?” I ask, deciding to take comfort in my room away from everything.

I wake up the next morn to what sounds like footsteps outside my door. I sit still petrified of who it might be. Someone is in my house, and I am not sure who it could be. Being a little braver this morning then I was last night, I get out of bed and creep myself over to the door.

When I crack the door and peek through, I notice someone at the end of the hall with blonde locks, and my heart instantly drops. It can’t be.

“Steph?” I ask, and the blonde figure turns back at me, and I know my observation is true when I see her face.

She looks down in shame before answering me. “I… I thought you would still be asleep,” she says hesitantly. “I didn’t want to hurt you, but I needed some things that I left behind.” she gets out finally looking back up at me.

I feel like my world just shattered, and all I can do is stand there in silence.

“I’m sorry. I can leave if you want,” she says gesturing at the door.

“No, it’s fine.” I finally get out some kind of response. “Just make sure to leave your key this time when you leave.” I say harsher then I intended to.

She bites her bottom lip, unintentionally showing me that I hurt her. She would always do that when we would get into an argument and she knew she screwed up. I brush it off not caring if I hurt her because she didn’t think twice about hurting me.

I head into the living room wanting anything to just get away from her, but I won’t give her the peace of mind. This is my house, and I will not let her take that away from me. I pack myself a bowl not caring what she has to say about it. When I light up it only takes a couple hits before my misery is changed for bliss.

She walks into the living room only a few moments later. My guess is that the smell finally found its way to her, and by her poster I’m positive about it. “Look I know this is your house, but please can you wait until after I leave to smoke that.”

I almost decide to argue with her, but I know it is just going to make this situation worse for me, and plus kill my buzz. Grabbing my bong, I head to the front porch. When I get outside, I am not surprised to see the sky full of clouds like most days.

About an hour passes before Steph actually leaves, and I’m not sure if I am happy to see her go or sad. I hate how things have gotten between us. She was and still is the love of my life, and I screwed things up. If only I gave more sympathy to her fears of this house. I just put all my money into it, and can’t afford to run away for a couple mysterious noises, and a few misplaced items. I have never believed in ghost before, so why start now.

I pace the floor of the kitchen, trying to decide what to do with my boredom, and I know there is only one option. It’s time to clean house. I put on some jams, and get to work.

Once I get to the vacuuming, I decide to get the carpet on the stairs. Singing along to the song that plays, I notice the door to the attic standing wide open. I never found the key for it, so how?

With my curiosity peaked, I inch my way towards the open door. Getting through the entrance of attic, I notice it looks exactly as my dream. The further I go, the more the energy changes around me. Almost like I am walking into someone else’s dream.

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